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NEC Fault Tolerant Servers 99.999% Uptime Guaranteed

The Cost of Downtime

Whatever its network configuration or application, from e-mail to workgroup services, inventory databases to Web hosting, every e-Business can benefit from the data protection, storage reliability and performance of Fault Tolerant Servers.

It's an investment that can have a quick payback. That's because just a few hours of unplanned server downtime can result in significant lost productivity and revenue. Unplanned server downtime can cost a business thousands of pounds per year. However, the “real” costs include some losses that are harder to quantify but may be far greater. For example,

Lost revenue from dissatisfied customers moving to competitors or taking new business to competitors

The cost of a tarnished image; the lessened ability to credibly market future “premium” differentiated services and position them against competitors

Compared to these potential costs, an investment in NEC Fault Tolerant servers offers extremely cost-effective data protection, especially when you factor-in the added benefits of enhanced storage throughput, data availability, and system-level performance.

NEC Express5800/320Fc    Less than 5 Minutes Planned or Unplanned  downtime in a year

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