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Operate without geographical boundaries and reduce expenses by using these Virtual IT Partner Internet-based solutions for business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and buy-side to sell-side activity. And they're integrated with our powerful sales and inventory solutions.

Embrace Internet-based commerce with an integrated suite of applications that save you time and money and serve your customers better while opening your business to new global markets. Virtual IT Partner offers seamless integration between your e-commerce solution and your business management system, eliminating re-keying of data, ensuring accuracy of information across all systems, helping you serve your customers better, and improving decision making at all levels.







Expand your sales opportunities and empower your customers by establishing an Internet storefront. By providing online access to your products, you can increase your revenue stream, reduce your administrative overhead, and expand from your local to a global market.

Increase Your Revenue

Make more sales without increasing costs by providing online access to your products and automating much of your sales cycle.

Expand Sales Opportunities

Reach out to customers, regardless of their location, with an online storefront that provides immediate access to your products and an efficient, easy buying experience that will make those customers want to return.

Reduce Operational Costs

By providing online sales information and processes, you can minimize the time your employees spend on the phone with customers, taking orders, and filling out paperwork.

Improve the Customer Experience

Save customers time, money, and headaches with a store that's always open and an online system that provides easy-to-use, accurate product information and current order status.

Empower Your Customers

Customers can enter their own shipping and billing addresses, plus credit card and purchase information that is automatically updated in your order processing system, helping you save you time and reduce data entry errors.

Implement an Integrated Solution

Streamline your inventory and sales process with seamless integration of your eCommerce storefront with Virtual IT Partner Business Solutions. Customer, inventory, and pricing information will be accurate and up-to-date on your Web site, and you'll eliminate the need to maintain two systems.

eCommerce Features List


             Deliver 24/7, local and global access to customers for order and account status.

             Create a central repository for online inventory information, storing product descriptions, prices, quantities, and more.

             Update your products or inventory just once and automatically display changes across your entire system, including your online storefront.

             Automatically update account information in General Ledger throughout the sales order process.

             Create and store customer records in a central location, and easily manage customer-specific information, such as unit-of-measure pricing.

             Set your eCommerce system to automatically comply with sales tax collection rules, regardless of the location where your customer purchased the item.

             Rely on customer-specific pricing and automatic credit card verification to make the ordering process easier for customers and reduce costs associated with each transaction.

             Integrate your online storefront with Virtual IT Partner business solutions, thereby automating your entire sales cycle and eliminating cumbersome and error-prone fax, telephone, and mail orders.

             Get a dynamic view of your online business that incorporates all site data—including click-stream usage, purchase and browse history, product catalogue data, campaigns, and user profiles.

             Engage and manage a global network of customers and trading partners, transact business in multiple languages and currencies, and empower your business users to make smarter business decisions.

             Online Order Entry: Provide anytime, anywhere access to your online storefront and order system so customers and sales people alike can use the Internet to purchase items when it's convenient for them.

             Online Order Status: Enable customers to view order status online, eliminating the need for them to call customer service representatives.

             Customer-level Pricing: Create preferred pricing levels for your best customers, giving them a consistent shopping experience time and time again.

             Easy Inventory Maintenance: Add new items to your storefront with simple item entry and automatically generated active server pages for each product.



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