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Virtual IT Partner has developed the most functional and easy-to-use construction cost estimating software in the industry today. Virtual IT Partner Estimating System uses real time pricing data and an intuitive estimating interface, allowing both suppliers and contractors to build their businesses, lower overhead, increase profits, and improve their bottom lines. 

 In an easy-to-learn package, Estimator Partner is a first-rate estimating tool with the functionality contractors demand. With just a few short hours of instruction, Estimator Partner helps anyone estimate construction costs more competitively. Our system links building suppliers with their contractors in order to enhance supplier/contractor relationships. EP streamlines the estimating process through accurate pricing information and advanced ordering functionality.

Construction cost estimating has never been easier, and now you can go from cost estimate to bid to invoice at the click of a mouse. Find up-to-date costs for every kind of cost estimate job: general, building, electrical, plumbing, repair and renovation, insurance, heavy construction, facilities, public works, etc.

It uses current building costs for all residential, commercial, and industrial construction

  • estimated prices for every common building material
  • man-hour estimates
  • typical installation

It makes it more professional in front of customers, avoids material short, saves material and time, shortens the quotation process, and communicates better between sales reps and installers.

 Virtual IT Partner is committed to developing the software you demand and rely upon to improve your business. Our software was developed by people who use the software day-in and day-out. The result: an intuitive interface with easily learned functionality.

The old way: Many contractors today do estimating and project management the same way they did 5 and 10 years ago. Estimates are created by hand takeoff and sent to a supplier to price. After a few days' wait, the prices return ready to be incorporated into a full estimate. Labour hours and productivity are difficult to track. Estimators rely heavily on contractor sales staff at the supplier level to provide them with up-to-date prices.

Estimator Partner is an easy-to-use construction estimating software system written for contractors. The major problem in estimating is not in developing the line-by-line items, but in obtaining accurate prices for those line items. Building materials are commodities that change in price frequently depending on market conditions. Contractors need to know accurate prices to develop accurate quotes for clients.

Virtual IT Partner’s way: Contractors can now use up-to-date pricing data from their suppliers when they generate estimates. Contractors can also have full access to all other aspects of an estimate such as Labour, Equipment, Subcontractors, Other Costs, plus Markups and Profits. Contractors can even receive Material Estimates already developed by the Supplier ready for your Labour Cost review.

Estimator Partner can also directly link contractors to the supplier system, thus enabling contractors to complete Direct Orders of materials, review orders previously sent, or review invoices of jobs in progress. With Estimator Partner, you can save time, save overhead, earn more jobs, and grow your business – all from your PC - with real-time pricing data.


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